Honolulu to Savannah

After four years in Hawaii we returned to the mainland in June. From June 13 to July 1 we did all of these fun things:

  • Camped in Kings Canyon
  • Camped in Yosemite
  • Climbed the cables to the top of Half Dome
  • Drove through the night to somewhere near Area 51 in Nevada
  • Stopped at the "Black Mailbox" where people who hunt aliens camp
  • Drove to Utah
  • Hiked Observation Point in Zion
  • Camped in and explored Arches National Park
  • Stayed with friends in Colorado
  • Stayed with friends in Chicago
  • Picked up a new car in Ohio
  • Stayed with my family for a week
  • Dyed my hair purple

For those who don't know, my husband is in the Coast Guard which is the reason for our move to and from Hawaii and now to Savannah. So what am I doing now? For work, I'm freelancing for a couple of the journals at ACBJ. I'm also doing ad work, campaign work and branding for different clients. I'm open to all design and illustration requests. And, of course, I'm keeping an eye out for a job opportunity that I cannot pass up. 

Otherwise, I'm exploring Savannah, road tripping and renovating our new home. If you are in Savannah and want to grab a coffee or a cocktail, reach out! I don't have many friends here yet*.

*working on it