and I'm back.

It's been a couple weeks since I launched my new site and it has been kind of non-stop. My roommate/the sports intern I was housing moved out as his internship came to an end. The day he moved out a best friend visited for a week, which was speckled by visits from my boyfriend and his dog. This is the first moment I have had completely to myself since then. I love company, but alone time is like hitting the refresh button. I can really focus on my to-do list which is never as long written out as it seems in my head – endless.

The time lets me get back to being creative. I am super excited to be creating another book sculpture. I'll be creating a scene from the trilogy-made-movie Divergent. It will be published in The Pilot on March 22nd. I am also super excited to be skyping in with Arizona State University to talk about editorial illustration on the 18th. 

Ok, I have to get ready for work. Stay tuned to see my book sculpture in progress and a Q & A from my Skype session with Arizona and other thoughts as they come. - brb